Pivot talk killed by resilient services ISM read

Markets have abandoned hope of a pivot by the Fed. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says the latest non-manufacturing ISM survey shows the US economy remains resilient, with a tight labour market. That’s not the environment to see the Fed ease off the pedal.

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Markets buoyed by bad news and caving in

Markets are responding to the UK u-turn and a weak US ISM read, says NABs Tapas Strickland, plus adjustments to short positions held last week. And a look ahead to the RBA today.

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UK ticked off by IMF, whilst BoE goes back to QE

The Bank of England has suspended bond sales and has started buying them. NAB’s David de Garis explains why the sudden about turn. Is the crisis over for the UK?

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US dollar and bond yields continue to rise, till when?

Bond yields continue to rise globally, with NAB’s Skye Masters saying the Fed and other central banks are working hard to convince markets that interest rates will stay higher for longer. Meanwhile the Bank of England promises a significant response to the unease of the last few days, but not till November.

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Unruly Britannia

NAB’s Taylor Nugent says uncertainty is driving the pound lower and yields higher. Can the markets rebalance without early intervention from the BoE?

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How much money is too much?

The issue with Kwasi Kwarteng’s approach in the UK is not how much money he is spending, but how quickly it is happening. Me and Steve Keen on this week’s Debunking Economics podcast.

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Random Stuff

Is the EU anti-growth?

The EU is struggling right now. The Bundesbank has downgraded its 21019 GDP forecast from 1.6% down to 0.6%. The Italian government is being threatened for breaching the EU’s spending rules. Yellow vests protestors have been out on the streets of Paris for 31 weeks now, fighting against inequality....

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Trump – good or bad for America?

He is running the only country in the G7 to see economic growth accelerate right now. Does that mean he is doing a good job?

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Selling to the Big Retailers

Retail expert Julian Josem explains how to get your product onto store racks or supermarket shelves.

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