New Australian government, same global concerns

The bias for bond yields is to head lower, says NAB’s Skye Masters as investors eye hawkish centrals and recession fears. As to the impact of the election, we have some words on that too.

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Who can slow down the slowdown?

No bounce in equity indices today, says NAB’s Taylor Nugent. It’s all down to growing concerns about a US economic slowdown. Like Cisco’s profit downgrade, for example. Plus the lowdown on yesterday’s Aussie employment numbers.

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Equities bomb as investors are reminded of inflation

People are feeling the pinch as inflation rises. We’re seeing how headline inflation hits consumer staples and discretionaries says NAB’s Ray Attrill, as major US retailers warn of falling margins.

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China reopening, Americans shopping, Brits working

There’s a positive vibe on markets. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says it started yesterday in APAC on China’s re-opening news, then buoyed further by strong retail numbers in the US. But still plenty of inflation signals around.

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Markets whipped back and forth in a sea of uncertainty

Uncertainty in markets today. NAB’s Ken Crompton says there’s a continuing tension between the Fed talking up rate rises and whether that will prompt a recession. Data releases didn’t provide any room for positive thinking.

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Should oil companies pay a windfall tax?

Rising oil prices means energy companies are making mega-profits. I ask Steve Keen if they should pay a windfall tax on this unexpected income?

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Random Stuff

Omicron’s not so bad, markets hope

More hope that Omicron might be a mild strain has helped markets, but NAB’s Gavin Friend says its efficacy reports from a GlaxoSmithKline vaccine that have boosted market sentiment today. Plus, Ivan Colhoun on yesterday’s RBA meeting.

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Will Basel III Control the Banks?

Mark Young from Deloitte explains the intent of the Basel III banking reforms, designed to strengthen the banking sector and avoid future issues around liquidity.

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Why Russia supports their tough guy

To understand Russia’s support of Putin you need to understand the recent past, what the country is trying to achieve and the role of foreign powers in distracting them from their path.

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