Not convinced by the Fed

Markets are still responding to the weaker CPI read this week and don’t seem to believe the Fed when it says there’s still work to do. But NAB’s David de Garis says oil is the real inflationary concern as the northern winter approaches.

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False hope on easing inflation?

Markets have responded favourably to a better-than-expected headline CPI read in the US, but NAB’s Tapas Strickland says there’s no clear sign that the core figure is falling yet. It’s too early to call a peak on inflation.

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Inflation Day

US CPI numbers are out later today. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says the Fed will be focused on the core numbers, the factors that they can try and control. Plus, why did Australia see a positive outlook in the NAB Business Survey, but falling consumer sentiment.

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Markets in limbo

Markets are a bit in limbo today. NAB’s Skye Masters says there has been some consolidation after the initial response to the payrolls data on Friday, but basically everyone is hanging out for the US CPI numbers tomorrow.

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US jobs market too hot for the Fed?

US payrolls numbers were way higher than expected, with wages also increasing. On today’s podcast NAB’s Ray Attrill is asked if this means we can expect about 75 basis point hike from the Fed at their next meeting.

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Uncertainty reigns, except in Britain. It’s just grim there.

Whilst markets are uncertain about the future of the global economy, NAB’s Gavin Friend describes the clear direction indicated by the Bank of England. It’s grim.

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Random Stuff

Ditching bonds like they are going out of fashion

US banks are guilty of one-upmanship, says NAB’s Tapas Strickland. It’s a race to see who can predict the fastest level of rate hikes? Isn’t it all going too far too quickly?

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Top 40 Business Tips #27: Build an Inclusive Culture

A lot of companies struggle under a negative culture of mistrust, bureaucracy and ego. Unfortunately most of these companies kid themselves that they have a culture of energy, innovation and respect!

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Is a trade deficit a bad thing?

Is a trade deficit a good thing or a bad thing. It means country’s are prepared to accept your currency – is that a bad thing?

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