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All eyes on Powell; manufacturing weak in US and Europe

A few surprising remarks from Fed speakers, says NAB’s Alex Stanley on today’s Morning Call podcast. All eyes and ears on Powell’s words at Jackson Hole.

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A divided Fed, a failed bond auction and a blistering Brexit

What can we learn from the FOMC minutes? NAB’s David de Garis talks to me about expectations from the US, a failed bond auction in Germany and a new ultimatum for Boris Johnson.

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Markets retreat as Conte goes, but Merkel offers an olive branch

The markets have shown a complete reversal on yesterday. Phil Dobbie asks NAB’s David de Garis why the sudden change of fortune?

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Random Stuff

US open for business as earnings fall and Brexit debate returns

A bellwether stock misses the mark, questions over a slower wind-down on the Fed balance sheet, the cost of the US govt shutdown and more votes on Brexit.

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Top 40 Business Tips #25: Build the Passion

Are your staff lacking passion? Did they have it to start with? If so, what’s making them lose it?

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Trump, Boris and Juncker

I came on to TalkRADIO to talk about a potential US UK trade deal and ended up talking about why Brexit happened in the first place.

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