Now, a word from your central bank

US equity markets continue to slide. NAB’s Rodrigo wonders whether it is uncertainty over the Fed’s ability to stimulate the economy. Jerome Powell has a chance to do a sell-job when he faces two days of grilling by the US Senate and Congress this week.

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Equites fall again, BoE talks negative rates

Markets chose to take a negative view on the extended period of near zero interest rates signalled by the Fed, says NAB’s Gavin Friend. It’s a reminder that it’s the virus that determines the extent of the recovery, everywhere.

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The mythical world of NAIRU

Even now, central banks cling to the idea of NAIRU – a point at which unemployment gets so low inflation kicks off. But, with the US fed now expecting interest rates to remain close to zero for three years at least, Phil Dobbie asks Prof Steve Keen whether they have they abandoned the idea of NAIRU?

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Fed says three years near zero

The Fed is going nowhere till 2023, “and arguably much longer than that” says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril. So what are the implications of three years of near zero interest rates?

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China shops, RBA waits, FOMC meets

Positive numbers from China helped boost markets but NAB’s Gavin Friend says we should still expect dovish forecasts from the FOMC tomorrow morning.

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Pfizer vaccine by year end and more easing by the RBA?

Yet more vaccine hopes, more TikTok jiggery pokery, more Brexit uncertainty and possibly more easing from the RBA. Rodrigo Catril talks us through it all on today’s Morning Call podcast.

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Random Stuff

EU doldrums, UK hope and China’s complications

Lighthizer flags the complexities of a US China trade deal. He’s playing bad cop to Trump’s good cop says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril.

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Is Modern Monetary Theory too closed for open economies

Modern Monetary Theory suggests governments can create money rather than build debt – but what of international trade?

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CXOs Unplugged: Phil Cameron, Lenovo A/NZ

Lenovo A/NZ Managing Director Phil Cameron on how to manage smarter.

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