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Trump’s blanket ban on Iranian oil

Oil spikes on Trump’s end to waivers for Iranian oil, plus continued weakness in Europe, and the fate of Aussie inflation. I talk to NAB’s Ray Attrill on the Morning Call today.

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Chinese slowdown? What slowdown?

China continues to surprise. As NAB’s David de Garis explains, we can add a narrowing US deficit to the list of surprises.

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Why are telcos still struggling with diversity?

Men still dominate the telecoms industry. Why is that?

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Random Stuff

Follow the Productivity Leaders

Telstra’s latest Productivity Indicator report shows that 76 percent of large Aussie businesses see productivity improvements as a priority.

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Will Basel III Control the Banks?

Mark Young from Deloitte explains the intent of the Basel III banking reforms, designed to strengthen the banking sector and avoid future issues around liquidity.

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The lady don’t care

The First Lady turned up at a child detention centre wearing a jacket with the words “I Don’t Care’ on the back. What was she thinking?

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