Waiting on Evergrande, the Fed and oil inventories

Markets await the latest chapter in the Evergrande story, but NAB’s David de Garis says China’s controlled economy means it won’t be another Lehman Brothers moment.

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Evergrande Contagion Fears

A torrid day, says NAB’s Ray Attrill, as markets run for cover over fears over Contagion’s default. Her talks through the reactions and implications for the Australian market.

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Just another cautious Monday

Markets are treading water ahead of the FOMC says NAB’s Tapas Strickland. The fate of Evergrande in China is also playing on sentiment.

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Has QE become MMT by another name?

Central banks have amassed trillions in government bonds. Do they seriously expect to reduce that to xero? If not, I ask Steve keen, haven’t they embarked on MMT by another name?

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Lots of movement, not much direction

US equities fell and the dollar strengthened despite strong retail sales from the US. NAB’s Gavin Friend says the markets weren’t quite sure how to take it or why the numbers were so strong.

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High hopes or buying the dip?

Buying the dip? There wasn’t any strong news to explain the rise in US equities. NAB’s Tapas Strickland says that, and softer news from Asia, suggests that is the case this morning.

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Random Stuff

Will Corbynism lead to Venezuelan style socialism?

The Tories are united on one thing – a Corbyn government would lead to Venezuelan style socialism. Have they got a point?

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Getting More Out of the Retail Channel

We still buy the vast majority of our goods through retail stores. So, important though it is to have an effective online strategy, what you do in-store is key.

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Strong earnings, cautious ECB and NZ’s first day without QE

A continuation in the bond recovery as investor put aside COVID concerns, helped strong earnings results, says NAB’s Gavin Friend on today’s podcast.

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