Oil talk and jobless surge

Massive moves on hopes of an oil truce and worse than anticipated jobless claims in the US – 10 million claims in two weeks, says NAB’s David de Garis.

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Bad start to an unhealthy quarter

There’s not a lot of good news around, says NAB’s Gavin Friend. Equities kick off Q2 as the reality check hits home.

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Who is handling this virus the best?

Steve Keen on which countries are managing to control the virus and which are best placed to see a swift economic recovery, if any.

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US and Europe – two sides of the same coin

It’s a day of mixed emotions, says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril, with equities heading in opposite directions on each side of the Atlantic. COVID19 news is mixed too – there are glimmers of hope but the timescale may be longer than many had hoped.

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See you on the other side

The response to Scott Morrison’s job retention stimulus, plus the influence of month-end on a rally in equities. NAB’s Ray Attrill makes sense of today’s market moves.

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Hibernation, but for how long?

There were further big falls in equities on Friday despite President Trump signing his $2 trillion stimulus package. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says there is growing concerns about how long economies will be shut down for.

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Random Stuff

All change in the cut-price telco world

As two major low-cost mobile providers set themselves up in Australia, Channel 7 is out to buy the rest of cut-price IP phone provider Engin. So what’s going at the cheap end of the industry?

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The Seven Danger Signs of a Troubled Business

About 10,000 Australian businesses each year appoint an external administrator. Don’t become another statistic.

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Who’s right on copyright?

As we await the ruling of the High Court on the iiNet-AFACT case, the internet industry and rights holders are battling it out to find an equitable solution to a growing problem.

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