A big bond sell-off.

A big sell off in bonds globally. It’s the pace of the moves in yields that’s grabbing attention, says NAB’s Gavin Friend, which is also putting downward pressure on stocks and helped push the Aussie dollar over 80 us cents for a while.

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The return of the holidaymaker

Today, Tom Buncle talks to me about the types of travellers tourism operators should be focusing on later this year. Plus the Bank of England Governor speaks out against the EU’s attempts grab all Euro clearing.

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The battle to be king of the doves

Jerome Powell pushed hard against inflation fears in his second day of testimonies in the US parliament overnight. NAB’s David de Garis says that’s helped equities and commodities show rises today, which has, in turn, helped the Aussie dollar rise closer to 80 cents.

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Innovation, pricing and policy are key to a greener future

Tackling climate change with
Nick Butler and Steve Keen, plus Elon Musk loses the short-lived richest man title and Michael Bolton sings about trading platforms!

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Will the RBA play catch up?

The RBA might make up for the shortfall in RBA’s bond buying at the start of the week, says NAB’s Tapas Strickland on today’s Morning Call podcast. Powell says the US rise in yields was to do with strength of the recovery rather than inflation concerns.

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Economies are too scarred to bounce back quickly

Government’s are overly optimistic at the speed of an economic bounce back, says @profstevekeen, because they are ignoring the impact of profoundly high levels of debt.

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Random Stuff

Trump ends Mexican standoff, markets react

On The Morning Call @NAB’s Ray Attrill says today’s NAB Business Survey could be a strong influence on how soon the RBA moves next on rates. Whilst the Mexican tariff resolution has helped bond yields, despite bad payrolls data on Friday.

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The multiplier effect and who stops it working

Its a fundamental economic principle, but who stops it working to its full extent?

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Optus launches its femtocell future

Today Optus launches a new home-based femtocell product for mobile users. The aim is clearly to lure more users away from home phones on competing networks.

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