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Pound pummelled as May delays

Theresa May backs off from the vote on her Brexit deal. I talk to NAB’s Tapas Strickland about how it was felt in the pound. Plus, why is oil back on the slide?

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Weak jobs data, trade tensions and a Brexit to nowhere

Weaker than expected US payrolls data saw a swift market reaction on Friday. NAB’s Ray Attrill says it has filtered through to the Aussie dollar this morning at the start of what looks set to be another choppy week.

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Markets dive on Huawei arrest and OPEC indecision

No consensus at OPEC, a Huawei arrest and a weakening economy all impact equities and bond yields – but NAB’s David de Garis wonders whether the market mood actually reflects how the US economy is travelling.

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Random Stuff

When a Customer Won’t Pay

Colin Porter, CEO of Creditor Watch talks about a new online registry where you can report on bad-debtors and check out the credentials of potential new customers.

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Why Debt is Like Sex With Accountants

Steve Keen talks the importance of double entry book keeping – something accountants might find more exciting than sex. If they even know what that is.

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The Real Answer to the Affordable Housing Issue

The UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer has a plan to make housing in the UK more affordable. Sadly, it won’t work.

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