Aussie dollar dips lower as risk sentiment rises

The Aussie dollar has been hit hard by global uncertainty? NAB’s Ray Attrill is asked whether the prediction of 74 US cents by the year end still stands.

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Powell asks for support, Debelle hints at easing, NAB revises rates forecasts

Jerome Powell has reiterated the need for more fiscal stimulus in the US, whilst Guy Debelle hinted that more monetary easing was just round the corner for the RBA. Tapas Strickland says NAB has revised its rate forecast.

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Equities fall, bond yields weaken, virus concerns rise

Money laundering, US election worries, rising virus cases, lockdowns, Brexit – Gavin Friend says the rest of the world has a lot to worry about, so what stance will Guy Debelle take today, given Australia has less concerns.

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Now, a word from your central bank

US equity markets continue to slide. NAB’s Rodrigo wonders whether it is uncertainty over the Fed’s ability to stimulate the economy. Jerome Powell has a chance to do a sell-job when he faces two days of grilling by the US Senate and Congress this week.

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Equites fall again, BoE talks negative rates

Markets chose to take a negative view on the extended period of near zero interest rates signalled by the Fed, says NAB’s Gavin Friend. It’s a reminder that it’s the virus that determines the extent of the recovery, everywhere.

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The mythical world of NAIRU

Even now, central banks cling to the idea of NAIRU – a point at which unemployment gets so low inflation kicks off. But, with the US fed now expecting interest rates to remain close to zero for three years at least, Phil Dobbie asks Prof Steve Keen whether they have they abandoned the idea of NAIRU?

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Random Stuff

A turn for the worse – oil plunge sparks Black Monday

Massive drops in oil prices and shares. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril talks through the potential domino effects and the continuing impact of COVID19.

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The Future of Banks

Do banks have a future or will Fintech companies take over. Prof Steve Keen says they can only go so far, without a bank’s ability to create money.

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All Noise on the Western Front

Three companies are battling it out to provide a new submarine cable link between Perth and Asia. That’s too many. So who will survive?

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