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Fed loses its dots, EU issues a ransom note

Big moves after a very dovish Fed announcement. NAB’s Ray Attrill talks through what they said, plus the latest Brexit shenanigans and the importance of today’s Aussie employment data.

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China steps back; and the long and short of Brexit

China and Europe both playing hardball on deals today. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril and I surmise it’s all part of the art of the deal. Plus, a prelude to the FOMC meeting tomorrow.

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May May Have to Delay for Another Day

I talk to NABs Tapas Strickland about a 17th century law that has probably pushed Brexit back nine months. Plus, could we see the Euro rebound in coming weeks?

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Random Stuff

CXOs Unplugged: James Reinders, Intel

I discuss methods of motivating teams with Intel software evangelist James Reinders

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Waiting on the address before deciding direction

The markets are quiet ahead of President Trump’s delayed State of the Union address. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril discusses possible reactions.

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The anti-piracy three strikes code

A proposal has been drafted for stopping infringement of copyright. Some believe the proposed scheme goes beyond an educational program, and will encourage rights holders to pursue disproportionate court action against perpetrators.

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