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A longer Brexit (perhaps), a boost for US banks and a bad night for the Aussie

Theresa May survives, positive housing data in the US, equities up, but why was the Aussie dollar down? I talk to NAB’s Ray Attrill.

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Brexit vote defeat, confidence vote and a Sterling bounce

A humiliating defeat for the UK Prime Minister over Brexit. I talk to NAB’s Gavin Friend about the impact and what next.

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Shutdown, Slowdown and Voted down

China’s slowdown continues. So does the US government shutdown. And what next for Brexit if the meaningful vote is knocked out of court, as expected? I talk to NAB’s Tapas Strickland.

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Random Stuff

Where next for mobiles?

Mobile devices are now our preferred means of connecting to the internet. That’s a big shift from the days before the iPhone, when mobile broadband was slow and devices difficult to use. So, imagine what the next few years will bring?

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How long for a reboot?

Malcolm Turnbull likens an NBN reboot to turning around an oil tanker. So is it worth the wait?

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We don’t need another Grenfell

After Grenfell, there has to be a fundamental question about the quality and availability of social housing.

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