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Virus concerns spread, RBA rate cut might be delayed

Growing risk-off mood on Corona virus spread. NAB’s Gavin Friend on this, plus Aussie employment, the ECB strategy and big day for PMIs.

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A Boris Bounce, Corona concerns and Trump Targets Europe

More concerns over Corona. Pessimism from Bank of Canada too. The Boris bounce has given business confidence a jolt in the UK. Plus, Aussie employment numbers today. NAB’s David de Garis on what’s driving the markets today.

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Trump talks it up, but US equities stall

Davis, impeachment, corona virus, UK jobs and new hope for Europe. NAB’s Rodriog Catril talks through it all on today’s Morning Call podcast.

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Random Stuff

5 ways for telcos to lift their game

This week’s Twisted Wire looks at how the telecommunications industry can improve its reputation, keep customers happy and get the regulators off its back.

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Two big slugs of positivity

Hopes of a Brexit deal mount, whilst a US China talks have taken a positive turn too. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril talks through the swift market reaction.

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Five Dumb Sales Questions

Art Sobczak takes us through five of these questions that can stop a sales conversation in its tracks – and suggests an alternative approach in each case.

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