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Markets living on high apple pie, in the sky hopes

The hot and cold vibes continue from the US China trade talks says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril, with US the dollar and treasuries showing more caution than the optimism seen in equities.

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Why HS2 needs to be built

A government review into the HS2 project has suggested that it should be built, even though it might cost more than the $88 billion currently budgeted for the project. Is this the best use of money? In a word, yes, and here’s why.

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Aussie dollar fall continues, bond yields down as trade delay persists

NAB’s Ray Attrill talks through the Aussie dollar’s swift response to yesterday’s jobs numbers and weak activity data from China. But that’s not the only bad news …

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Random Stuff

The hypotheticals of Robinson Crusoenomics

Robinson Crusoe builds an island civilisation – at one point should he introduce money, and what does it change?

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I’ll Do Anything for Trump, But I Won’t Do That

It wasn’t exactly what the Prime Minister expected on her first meeting with the new President. But there had to be some reason she had beaten Benjamin Netanyahu to the post.

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Harry Dent on Aussie House Prices

As a population ages you have a lot of empty-nesters wanting to cash in on their homes and downsize. Without enough young people to create the demand prices will fall.

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