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The Brexit see-saw and the Aussie employment bonus

There’s still downside risk on Brexit, says NAB’s Alex Stanley. And we shouldn’t get too carried away with yesterday’s positive Aussie employment numbers either.

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The Brexit Vibe Is Positive

The will to get Brexit done could see the deal cross the line, says NAB’s Gavin Friend on today’s Morning Call. Plus, a look ahead to Australia’s employment data.

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Pound Higher on Brexit’s Midnight Mercy Dash

Brexit runs short of time, the US China trade deal goes sideways, but NAB’s Ray Attrill talks about markets that are still optimistic.

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Random Stuff

The Good, Bad and Ugly of the Housing Market

Aussie house prices have continued rise well above inflation, even though sales are well down.

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Alarming plans for the NBN

Will medical alarm systems — or other devices attached to your phone line — still work when you switch to the NBN? Not necessarily.

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10 Ways To Reduce Your Debtors Level

Mike Rich from Attache Software says alarm bells should be ringing if your average debtor days is 50 percent over your trading terms. He provides advice on how to rein it in.

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