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US recession talk and EU helps kick the can

Does an inverted yield curve mean a recession is on the way? Too early to call, says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril. But, it does seem the slowdown in Europe will last longer than envisaged.

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May Day for UK hits Sterling a week out from Brexit

Sterling took a hit on the latest Brexit shenanigans. NAB’s Gavin Friend talks through the day in Brussels, plus the reaction to the Fed 24 hours on.

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Fed loses its dots, EU issues a ransom note

Big moves after a very dovish Fed announcement. NAB’s Ray Attrill talks through what they said, plus the latest Brexit shenanigans and the importance of today’s Aussie employment data.

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Random Stuff

May’s Deadlock

This week Theresa May has to win over the rebel Tory MPs if she is to get her EU Withdrawal Bill over the line. So why is it so contentious?

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Apple Loses A Rock Star

Ill health has forced Steve Jobs to step down from his CEO role at Apple. The risk is as big as a rock band losing its star lead singer — a bad next album and the party is over.

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Sharing in the spoils of your hard work

The Shadow Chancellor has a plan to ensure shared ownership of major companies – will it work?

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