Gone Fishing

The month ends with big rises in equities driven by vaccine hopes, says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril. Also, the pound could rebound today on hopes that a Brexit deal is about to be reached.

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Astra Zeneca re-run, Lane’s credit concerns

A soggy day on the markets says NAB’s David de Garis, but the continue rise in base metals points to the growth in China, whilst the rest of the world struggles with the virus.

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Ask Steve: Keynesian v Post Keynesian; Austrian v Chicago Schools

The Austrian School v the Chicago School v Keynesian economics v Post-Keynesianism. The differences explained on today’s Debunking Economics podcast with @profstevekeen

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Not much to be thankful for

FOMC minutes confirm they are looking at buying at longer end of curve. NAB’s Ray Attrill say that this will perhaps happen sooner than expected.

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Trump relents, oil climbs and Dow hits new high

Trump is ready to give the keys to the White House. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says the news has given the market some positivity, along with Janet Yellen set to become Treasury Secretary in the US, together with more vaccine hopes.

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More positive vaccine news, but equities are cautious

More vaccine news today, this time from Astra Zeneca. NAB’s David de Garis says we’re seeing the return of hotels and airlines stocks at the expense of the tech sector, whilst the US dollar has been helped by better than expected Markit PMIs.

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Random Stuff

A pandemic and an emergency cut with more help needed

The UK declared an emergency rate cut coordinated by government stimulus. We expect to hear Australia’s response today. But what of Europe and the US? NAB’s David de Garis on today’s Morning Call podcast.

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EU votes, Tories squabble, Trump golfs

No sharp shift to the right in the EU elections, it seems. Phil Dobbie talks to NAB’s Ray Attril about the early results and other factors influencing the markets today.

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China’s retaliation and Europe’s big bazooka add to the bond rally

More US China trade concerns have knocked bond yields still further, along with an ECB member suggesting a bazooka of stimulus measures is on the way. Phil Dobbie discusses it all with NAB’s Gavin Friend.

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