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Powell and Lowe – will they both hint at rate cuts today?

Will the Fed’s Jerome Powell and RBA’s Philip Lowe both hint today at rate cuts next month? I ask NAB’s Rodrigo Catril. Plus the latest on the impact of Huawei on the US-China trade dispute.

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Google bullied off Huawei phones

On Balls Radio today, Is Huawei a threat, or just a convenient way to flog Apple and Google phones? Plus, happy birthday John Stuart Mill. Who?

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The good news for Australian Labor voters

A bit of a therapy session for those who wanted Labor to win, maybe its good news they didn’t.

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Random Stuff

April 23: Oil Spill and Return of the Trump

Iran oil, overthrowing May and Trump to visit again – the three top stories on Balls Radio this morning

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Selling Up

Tim Miles talks us through the issues around getting ready for selling your business, including finding the right buyer and getting the best price.

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The killer app for the NBN: voice

There’s been a multitude of wild ideas about how the NBN will change our lives — but one big difference will be in how we make phone calls.

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