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Pound hit hard – May ploughs on regardless

A cliff edge for Sterling. Phil Dobbie asks NAB’s David de Garis how low it could go?

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May’s First Hurdle. Step two is survival.

Theresa May’s cabinet has approved her Brexit plan, but a five hour meeting indicates it wasn’t plain sailing. Could this be the end of the line (for her)?

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How is privatisation working out for you?

How are these privatised companies working out for us? I talk to Prof Steve Keen about the arguments for and against privatisation.

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Random Stuff

Tariffs, Tehran, mid-terms and a breakthrough for the Aussie dollar?

What will be impact of sanctions on Iran today. Is the US getting closer to a deal with China? What about a Brexit deal?

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The Banks’ Sneaky EFTPOS Switch

Have the banks just pulled a swift one when it comes to accountability for EFTPOS transactions? How did they manage to get it under the radar of mainstream media?

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Always Plan As You Go

Tim Berry says it is important to plan as you go. You still need to develop a plan, but realise that plan will change on the go.

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