I want my IPTV


What’s holding back the progress of IPTV in Australia? Is it the speed of our broadband? Is it access to content? Is existing content relevant for the internet? Is the issue really how you get the content to your TV screen?

Or is it simply a factor of vested interests, competing commercial models and a struggle to find the right business model?

Today on Twisted Wire we try to get to the bottom of the issue. We hear about the experience in those Asian countries where watching TV over the internet is very prevalent. The ABC tells us about adoption of its iView service and we look at TiVo, which is set to offer TV delivered over the internet to supplement its digital free-to-air time-shifting offering.

In this week’s show Phil Dobbie talks to:

  • Industry analyst Mike Walsh
  • Ian Carroll, director of Innovation at the ABC
  • Robbee Minicola, CEO of Hybrid Television Services (TiVo)

First published on ZDNet

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