Wired Brown Land: The podcast


Paul Fletcher has seen two sides of the telecommunications industry. First as an advisor to Senator Alston, the communications minister under the Howard Government, then he headed Regulatory Affairs for Optus. So what insights can he provide on the industry over the last decade?

Fletcher has shared many of them in his book, launched this week, called Wired Brown land? Telstra’s Battle for Broadband.

In today’s Twisted Wire Phil Dobbie talks to Paul Fletcher about his experiences in the industry. Does the government really understand the industry? Was the full sale of Telstra a mistake? Has Telstra really held the industry back? Has the Rudd Government got it right with its latest approach to the National Broadband Network?

It’s a half-hour summary of the last 10 years in Telco-land. A decade where politics and telecommunications became inextricably linked. Listen to the podcast, buy the book, then wait for the movie. But who plays Phil Burgess and who plays Sol Trujillo?

First published on ZDNet

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