Get ready for the applications boom


Will the NBN provide a boom for local application developers? If so, have we got enough local expertise to develop these applications? A visit to many government department websites will show how poor the user experience can be. With the new network will we just get more frustrated quicker?

Or will there be any new applications at all? What if we reach the stage where we all have technology overload? In this week’s Twisted Wire we’re reminded briefly of Senator Nick Minchin’s belief that this is an overblown solution looking for a need.

On a more positive note, Genevieve Bell, director of the User Experience Group within the Intel Digital Home Group, says that high speed broadband will increase demand for local content and applications.

Greg Ralph, principal of the Hiser Group talks about how important it is to understand what the consumer wants, and get the design right from the beginning.

Omar Khalifa, managing director of Livewire, says sufficient funding is needed to deliver projects. Many services fall by the wayside because they are underfunded.

We also hear briefly from Anne Hurley about the two half-day seminars from the Communications Alliance (19 and 20 May) that aim to kick start the industry’s response to the NBN.Tech Budgets 2019: A CXO’s GuideLearn where business leaders will spend their tech budgets in 2019 and what their top priorities are. Also get valuable advice for putting your IT dollars to good use.Sponsored by Google Cloud Platform 

We’re also briefly reminded of the prediction of electronic wallpaper from Hugh Bradlow, Telstra’s chief technology officer.

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