Is telco advertising out of control?


Dodo has been taken to task for misleading advertising. It’s one of many cases handled each year by the ACCC.

In a desperate bid to gather more customers, the industry accounts for half of all complaints to ACMA for breaches of the Do Not Call Register. Last year the industry’s Ombudsman saw a 40 per cent jump in complaints. All this evidence points to a sector that is over-promising and under-delivering.

In today’s Twisted Wire we explore how the industry’s behaviour is attracting more attention from the regulators, who are being armed with more legal power. Are telco marketers kidding themselves that they are doing the right thing for the customer?

In this half-hour podcast you’ll hear from:

  • Phone Choice spokesperson Doug Purdie
  • Murray Deakin, a partner at commercial law firm Middletons
  • ACCC deputy chair Peter Kell
  • Optus corporate marketing director Mike Smith
  • ACMA manager of telemarketing investigations Jane Cole

First published on ZDNet

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