The portals’ battle for the start


Will ninemsn and Yahoo7 maintain their dominance in the fight for the share of our internet time?

Their early life was helped by free web mail and messenger applications. Today there’s a wider choice of quality internet content and, of course, Google now dominates the search market. People have been predicting the demise of these portals for many years now, yet they continue to hold their own. Will they continue to adapt and survive?

In this week’s Twisted Wire Phil Dobbie discovers that being the start-point of the internet journey is still considered important, at least for Yahoo7 whose strategy is to grow search traffic in competition to Google. Then there’s the influence of video. As we consume more video online is this a help or a hindrance for the portals, with their network TV associations?

In this half-hour podcast you’ll hear the view of:

  • John Butterworth, CEO of the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association
  • Tony Faure, ex-CEO of ninemsn and Yahoo
  • Rohan Lund, the current CEO of Yahoo7
  • Alan Long, Asia Pacific research director for Hitwise
  • Richard Lord, chief marketing officer at Hyro

First published on ZDNet

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