Mobile, VoIP and geographic phone numbers


Will we see mass adoption of VoIP calling on our mobile phones? Does VoIP over 3G provide the quality of voice call that we’ve grown to expect? Given the threat to their traditional voice revenues can we expect the mobile carriers to fight its adoption and control access on their networks?

Today on Twisted Wire Phil Dobbie talks to Skype’s APAC VP Dan Neary and Graeme Dollar, COO for Australian VoIP provider engin.

Mobile VoIP could create a headache for ACMA, which is responsible for managing the numbering plan. The portability of VoIP devices has already challenged the charging regime of local call zones. Will the situation become more pronounced with the advent of Mobile VoIP? ACMA’s Robert Johnson talks about the authority’s Numbering Discussion Paper.

We also ask whether the demand for VoIP on a mobile device is ill-placed. Are we looking to save money or do we really want a unified communications solution, where calls find us wherever we are? In which case, do we care how the call is delivered? And do the limitations of the geographic phone numbers still apply?

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