When will teleworking take off?


Why do we insist on going into the office every day? The technology is there for us to work from home for part of the week.

In fact, the way we’re starting to go about our business it doesn’t matter where we are. In the last decade we’ve seen the notion of telecommuting moving from being accessible by phone, to having access to the corporate intranet, to the use of collaborative work tools and now, the introduction of on-the-fly video-conferencing.

Today on Twisted Wire we ask what’s holding back the adoption of telecommuting. Are we about to see an explosion in its adoption?

You’ll hear from:

  • Oscar Trimboli, director of Microsoft Australia’s information worker group
  • Hugh Saddington, group manager strategy at Telstra
  • Mike Mansbach, global head of Sales at Citrix
  • HR Shiever, APAC head at Citrix Online
  • Andrew Cox, sales and marketing director at IP Systems
  • Chris Ryan, CEO of Attend Anywhere
  • Bevis England, director of Telework New Zealand
  • Greg Bourne, CEO of the World Wildlife Fund

First published on ZDNet

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