WiMax in Australia: Part one


WiMax is an international standard providing high-speed wireless data, either to fixed or mobile users. Several operators, like BigAir, already use it as an alternative to ADSL into the home or office.

Buzz Broadband, one of the early adopters, had less success. Meanwhile Channel 7’s Unwired and Austar hold valuable WiMax spectrum, capable of offering mobile WiMax, but haven’t built anything yet.

So will WiMax ever get a stronghold in Australia? The answer, it seems, depends on who you ask.

In this edition of Twisted Wire you’ll hear from:

  • Leighton Phillips, Intel manager (South East Asia & Australia) of Telecom Regulation and Policy
  • Bill Rojas, research director for Asia-Pacific Communications Research at IDC Hong Kong
  • Jason Ashton, managing director of BigAir
  • Garth Freeman, former head of WiMax provider Buzz Broadband
  • Deanna Weir, corporate development director at Austar

First published on ZDNet

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