A third of the way to a zettabyte


How quickly is internet usage growing? This week on Twisted Wire we look at how usage is changing in Australia and around the world. How are we meeting this demand and how is the cost structure changing for the service provider?

In the US, many ISPs have started charging users according to the amount of data they use. Caps on plans have been a fact of life in Australia, but historically we’ve been told it’s because of the cost of international bandwidth to the US. Now the heartland of the internet is charging users according to consumption, so obviously providers there are also struggling to meet the increased demands of their bandwidth hungry customers.

You’ll hear from:

  • Kevin Bloch — ANZ chief technology officer at Cisco
  • Hugh Bradlow — chief technology officer at Telstra
  • Simon Hackett — managing director at Internode

First published on ZDNet

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