The state of e-commerce in Australia


Research by Roy Morgan has shown that online shopping continues to rise in Australia. Almost half of all Australians have bought something online, with travel the most popular product.

Trailing a long way behind is supermarket shopping. Only 1.2 per cent of us had bought groceries online in the three months prior to the survey.

So why are some products more popular than others? The proposition for buying food online is very compelling. You avoid the nightmare of long queues and screaming children. Yet it seems that isn’t enough for a public conditioned to think that online should always be cheaper than buying in-store.

On today’s Twisted Wire we look at the state of e-commerce in Australia. Impressive though the growth figures are, we still lag behind other countries. Why is that?

On the programme we’ll hear from:

  • Michele Levine, CEO of Roy Morgan Research
  • Robbie Cooke, CEO of Wotif
  • Alan Long, Research Director Asia Pacific for Experian Hitwise
  • Duncan Kirk, Head of Merchandising & Marketing at coles.com.au
  • Stewart Carter, publisher of eCommerceReport.com.au

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We also look at the contenders for the Australian Interactive Multimedia Association’s AMBER eCommerce Awards. The winner is announced next month. I wonder whether, if these are the best sites we have, does that show why more people aren’t shopping online?

First published on ZDNet

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