Can the Telco Reform Act be win-win?


In the second of our two programs looking at the Senate Inquiry into the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment Bill, we hear from shareholders, bureaucrats and industry groups.

If you take out some of the repetitive elements (which we have), there are a lot of interesting questions raised by these inquiries: will the new law do anything to Telstra’s share price? Will the government’s behaviour create sovereign risk and scare off foreign investment in other sectors? Should more time be given to negotiations between Telstra and the government?

On this week’s program you’ll hear from witnesses at the Inquiry in Melbourne (13 October) and Canberra (14 October):

  • Ross Barker, managing director of the Australian Foundation Investment Company
  • Anton Tagliaferro, investment director, Investors Mutual Ltd
  • David Forman, executive director, Competitive Carriers’ Coalition
  • Rosemary Sinclair, managing director, Australian Telecommunications Users Group
  • Peter Harris, secretary, Department of Broadband, Communications & the Digital Economy
  • Pip Spence, first assistant secretary, Department of Broadband, Communications & the Digital Economy

Read the inquiry report, submissions and transcripts from the public hearing here.

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