An abridged history of the Aussie internet


It’s 20 years since AARNET was founded which, most would say, marked the foundation of the internet in Australia. It was a network open only to academics at Australia’s universities and research institutions. The potential in those very early days seemed to have passed Telecom by.

It was 1994 before AARNET opened its network up and allowed resellers to sell-on services to other customers. The names of those early resellers are household names today and some of those people tinkering in the early days of the internet now head our larger ISPs.

Journalist Glenda Korporaal has written 20 years of the internet in Australia to commemorate two decades of AARNET. On this week’s Twisted Wire I talk to Glenda, from a beach in WA, and to Chris Hancock, the CEO of AARNET.

First published on ZDNet

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