Will 2010 be a fizzler?


2009 was a busy year in telecommunications and this year is shaping up for even more change. Or will some of the big promises start to fizzle out?

Some of the big questions for 2010 are:

  • Will the government succeed in driving the structural change it announced in 2009?
  • Will we see the National Broadband Network build commence, or will it just generate more hot air (and add to global warming!)?
  • Will an election throw the kibosh on the government’s plans? This week and next on Twisted Wire we ask some of the industry’s key influencers what changes they expect in 2010.

Today Ann Hurley, CEO of the Communications Alliance paints a positive picture for the NBN, but predicts more change in the structure of the industry.

David Havyatt from Havyatt Associates says there’s a concern that politics might force the government to rush its thinking on the NBN, which could cause the wrong decisions to be made. But the big challenge for the industry, he says, is in the mobile space. Find out why by spending half an hour of your life listening in to this week’s episode of Twisted Wire.

First published on ZDNet

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