3D IPTV? Not this year


This week on Twisted Wire more industry experts talk on what 2010 will mean for the world of telecommunications.

Internode’s Simon Hackett says this is the year of IPTV. People have been predicting this for a while, but maybe its time has arrived at long last. Of course, having been blown away by Avatar in 3D, most will be disappointed to hear that online video will continue in boring old two dimensions, at least for now.

Cisco’s CTO Kevin Bloch agrees that video-on-demand will become more dominant this year, for leisure and corporate purposes. It’s one of several predictions he has for the year ahead in this week’s Twisted Wire.

There’s also a warning from MD Mark Nicklin from digital services company Bullseye. He says that while faster internet speeds will enable richer interactivity with customers, it could spell the end for those companies that aren’t fast enough to embrace the opportunity.

First published on ZDNet

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