Month: April 2010

Will the NBN limit competition?

There’s little doubt that the NBN will reduce the number of internet service providers (ISPs) in Australia. Smaller ISPs will disappear as the need for local infrastructure will disappear and larger ISPs dominate. We saw it with the arrival of broadband, now it will happen again.

Did NBN Co really listen on Layer 3?

There’s no doubt that NBN Co has a big job on its hands and some fundamental decisions need to be made quickly. The question is, are they being made too quickly? In this week’s Twisted Wire we look at whether, in the rush to reach conclusions, the NBN Co’s own consultation process has not been as inclusive as it should be.

What will the NBN look like?

Last December, the NBN Co issued a consultation paper in which it outlined the proposed wholesale offering to retailers. The paper discussed the technology standards that would be used and where on the network the points of interconnect (PoIs) should be located.

Paul Fletcher versus the NBN

The Opposition has been strangely quiet on telecommunications since the outspoken Nick Minchin relinquished the portfolio and subsequently dipped out of politics, with current Shadow Minister Tony Smith barely daring to voice an opinion.

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