Month: May 2010

Siimon Reynolds On The Growth Mindset

Success, says Siimon Reynolds, it is all to do with your frame of mind, but is that all there is to it? What about those evil forces — like politics — that try to drag you down?

The Mining Super Profits Tax Unearthed

The mining industry is fighting through an expensive advertising campaign to influence attitudes on the proposed resources rent tax. Is it a good idea and even if it is, is now the right time to do it?

Whose Law Governs the Cloud?

If your customer data is stored in the cloud could you be impacted by the US Patriot Act? I talk to Microsoft’s Jeff Bullwinkle.

Thodey, Lundy on our telco future

This week, Kate Lundy speaks out against the latest draft report from the Senate Select Committee on the NBN, while David Thodey explains his challenges one year on from landing the top job at Telstra.

30 Minutes a Day Is Your Cell Phone Limit

There are mixed reports about the impact of mobile phones on our health. Joel Moskowitz asks whether we need evidence beyond any doubt before we start to take steps to protect ourselves from the potential harmful effects of mobile phone use.

Watching Over Generation Standby

New research shows that more than half of all managers trust their employees to use the internet and social networking sites responsibly. What does this mean for security policies in the workplace?

The Six Rungs of the Brand Persuasion Wheel

Ulli Appelbaum’s Brand Persuasion Wheel focuses on six principles of persuasion that can be leveraged by marketers.

We Need a Red Tape Trading Scheme

How much are Australian businesses being burdened with regulatory red tape? Is the problem worse in Australia than elsewhere and is it getting worse?

Mobile VoIP and the Interphone study

Mobile operators have two challenges right now; the rise of mobile VoIP and the latest research findings from Interphone.

The NBN’S 500-page fairy tale

Fairy tales take place in some distant land of dragons, knights and damsels in distress. They are not concerned about complex political situations, incumbent telcos and angry shareholders. Building an NBN there would be a comparatively straightforward process and they’d all live happily ever after.

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