Can ACMA keep the bastards honest?


Telco customer service is a disgrace. Some in the industry, including Dan Baker from the Technology Research Institute in the US, say rising complaints are a consequence of complex services. But it’s not the technical issues being escalated to the TIO, but the issue of complaints not being addressed by an industry that doesn’t seem to care.

Today on Twisted Wire we hear a couple of customers with issues and ask whether the industry has destroyed any notion of trust. It’s a view shared on today’s podcast by industry analyst Paul Budde. If users are complaining about the services their telco provides today, what hope has the industry of stepping up the food chain to offer content and applications? Why would we buy more from them than we have to?

Rosemary Sinclair, MD of ATUG, believes the leopard won’t change its spots without more pressure from the regulators.

Of course, one of those regulators has taken aim at the industry. Chris Chapman from ACMA is launching an inquiry with an intention of putting in place measures that will add more enforceable controls on the industry.

If we have to rely on more regulation, surely we’re losing hope of the customer wanting to buy more from existing telcos. Telcos need to win trust if they want a future. Fortunately, there might be an answer — listen to this week’s Twisted Wire to hear it.

First published on ZDNet

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