Mobile VoIP and the Interphone study


Mobile operators have two challenges right now; the rise of mobile VoIP and the latest research findings from Interphone.

This has led to two stories being investigated this week on Twisted Wire.

First we look at mobile phones and VoIP. In the US, Verizon has just started offering Skype to its mobile customers, in the same way that 3 Mobile has in Europe and in Australia. With the rise of 4G, which could offer the quality for VoIP over a mobile service, should telcos just accept that services like Skype will become the norm and embrace it? Or should they try and block it to protect their own voice revenues?

Steven Hartley, principal analyst at Ovum, has just written a report on the subject, “Mobile operator responses to VoIP: the six steps”.

Secondly, the latest results from the Interphone study (PDF) were published this week. Again it says the relationship between mobile phone use and the risk of cancer has proven inconclusive. This time, though, it did hint that there “were suggestions of an increased risk of glioma … in the highest decile of cumulative call time”. I talk about the findings with Joel Moskowitz from the University of California, Berkeley.

First published on ZDNet

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