Watching Over Generation Standby

We’re working harder than ever before. The boundaries between work and home life are merging, as our iPhones and Crackberries keep us in permanent contact with the office. Security software vendor Clearswift has coined the phrase Generation Standby — you’re probably part of it!

So as we work more in our free time it seems only fair that when we are in the office we don’t have big brother watching our every move. If we want to spent twenty minutes on Facebook, what’s wrong with that?

This is an attitude that’s becoming more commonplace in business. New research from Clearswift shows that more than half of all managers trust their employees to use the internet and social networking sites responsibly.

Richard Turner, Chief Executive at Clearswift, says this calls for a different approach to how we police security and usage of IT in the workplace. The stop and block approach of the past is old hat these days, but there is a half way measure, as we discuss in today’s BTalk.

First published on CBS News

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