Thodey, Lundy on our telco future


This week, Labor senator Kate Lundy speaks out against the latest draft report from the Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network (NBN), while Telstra CEO David Thodey explains his challenges one year on from landing the top job at Australia’s biggest telco.

The Senate Select Committee was due to produce its detailed report on the NBN by 12 May. After many hours of hearings, with a range of industry experts, the publication would have been a milestone but, given the shifting goalposts, the deadline has been pushed back to 17 June. But little is likely to change from the latest draft report, released last week, which has a firm recommendation — abandon the NBN.

It’s not a suggestion Lundy supports. In this week’s program she speaks out against the opposition’s stance, talks glowingly about the NBN Implementation Study and counters an argument that more detail upfront would have removed a lot of the political bickering.

Also on Twisted Wire we hear Thodey talking to the assembled throng at the Trans-Tasman Business Lunch last week. His personal milestone is one year in the job. So, what does he think has to change at the telco? And what’s happening between Telstra, the government and NBN Co?

Thanks to Stilgherrian for grabbing the audio at the lunch (but where’s my dessert?)

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