Five Cyber Security Tips For SMBs

This week is Cyber Security Awareness Week. A survey released today by Symantec shows that more than half of Australian SMBs (small and medium businesses) have been affected by a cyber threat in the last year. Fifteen percent of businesses surveyed lost data they could not recover, more than half of which came from hardware failure or systems corruption.

So are you fully protected and are you focused on the right threats? On today’s BTalk Steve Martin, Symantec’s director for SMB for Asia Pacific, takes us through five things to consider to ensure your IT systems are protected:

  1. Develop a security and data protection plan
  2. Implement an integrated security solution
  3. Combine security with backup and recovery software
  4. Use strong passwords
  5. Educate staff to avoid clicking on suspicious links in messages

Good luck with your protection!

First published on CBS News

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