10 Steps to Crowdsourcing Your Advertising

Zooppa is a US website where companies can organise contests for amateur video makers to produce advertisements for their brands. You could do it yourself, but Zooppa is a useful launch pad to an existing community of producers.

Whichever way you do it, outsourcing the production of your advertising to the online crowd has many benefits. It exposes out of the square thinking, gets you close to the way customers are thinking, and has big viral potential.

On today’s BTalk, whether you use Zooppa or not, their CEO Wil Merritt offers the 10 steps you need to go through when crowdsourcing your advertising:

  • 1. Have the right objective
  • 2. Choose a theme
  • 3. Create the brief
  • 4. Offer the right incentives
  • 5. Promote the contest
  • 6. Put thought into the timing
  • 7. Moderate the content
  • 8. Have a sense of urgency
  • 9. Use all your content
  • 10. Know the law

First published on CBS News

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