Five Ways Your Brain Can Boost Productivity

We know that the workplace is not a natural environment for the bunch of hunter-gatherers that we once were. That means we have to adapt our behaviour if we are to work effectively with others. If we understand how our brain manages what we crave we can understand how to avoid conflict and motivate people to greater productivity.

Dr David Rock, CEO of Results Coaching Systems, considers this in his latest book “Your Brain At Work“. He says there are five domains of human social experience. Your brain will treat each according to whether the situation presents a threat or provides a reward. If you threaten someone with one of these domains, you can offset it by rewarding another. Listen to the podcast for a deeper explanation.

Here are the five elements of the SCARF model discussed in today’s programme:

  • Status
  • Certainty
  • Autonomy
  • Relatedness
  • Fairness

Read more in David’s paper “SCARF: a brain-based model for collaborating with and influencing others” – or buy the book!

First published on CBS News

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