Month: July 2010

Service: Don’t Give It Away

Bill Ellerton discusses how you need to associate a value on your service and understand the difference between customer service and a service.

Hub wars: the new telco battle ground

iiNet is selling 6000 or so BoB hubs a month and Telstra says its T-Hub is selling well. They’re different devices, but both signal the future of fixed line telephony.

Online But Way Behind

When it comes to the adoption of eCommerce, Australia continues to lag behind the US and UK markets by three years. Phil Harpur explains why.

5bn mobile subscribers and counting

By 2011 there will be 5 billion mobile subscribers on the planet. It’s an incredible figure, so what is fuelling this growth and who will win the most from it?

Why You Need to Multichannel

Operating through multiple channels provides low-cost access to new markets, creates strategic advantage and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. No brainer!

10 Ways To Reduce Your Debtors Level

Mike Rich from Attache Software says alarm bells should be ringing if your average debtor days is 50 percent over your trading terms. He provides advice on how to rein it in.

Career Guidance Retains Calibre Employees

You are more likely to retain staff if you show interest in them. Most people leave, not because of the company, but because of their manager.

Buyer Behaviour: Gen Y vs The Baby Boomers

Social demographer Mark McCrindle says there are five major differences between how Gen Y and the Baby Boomers make their purchase decisions.

The 3 Key Elements of Internal Communication

Darren Briggs discusses the three key elements of successful internal communications — an inspiring message, inspirational leadership and inspired people.

Aussie Retailers Slowly Getting a Grip on Social Media

A new report shows Aussie retailers are failing to track behaviour in social media. Steven Noble argues retailers have to be smarter online if they are to hang on to their market share.

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