Four Big Web Copy Mistakes

Obviously it’s important that your company has a great looking website, but don’t let a focus on the visuals make you neglect the web copy. What’s written on your site will be the real determinant of how long people stay, what they do and what they think about you.

Yet the written elements of sites are often quickly put together, sometimes reusing copy from brochures. Then, for months or years, the words are forgotten about — leaving sites with outdated information or simply not reflecting visitors’ online behaviour.

Grant Doyle is a freelance web copywriter, who says there are five basic mistakes that writers are often guilty of:

  • disregarding the audience
  • disregarding the medium
  • disregarding compliance
  • disregarding maintenance

We got through each of these in today’s programme, and Grant offers a five point checklist that will help each page to “magically write itself!”

First published on CBS News

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