The Seven Cardinal Sins of Proposal Writing

What’s your attitude to writing business proposals? Are you making the mistake of rushing out as many documents as possible and suffering a low strike-rate as a consequence.

Robyn Haydon from Winning Words says this is a common mistake made by companies, who simply tweak previous pitch documents to be in with a chance with other clients. The danger of this approach is not just that you don’t get the business, but that your off-the-mark approach will mean you don’t get a chance to pitch next time.

It’s one of seven common mistakes we discuss in today’s BTalk:

  1. Bidding for anything that moves.
  2. Ignoring the competition
  3. Not being strong enough on the reasons why the customer should choose you
  4. Diving straight in the middle
  5. Cobbling it together at the last minute.
  6. Cutting and pasting
  7. Claims that lack evidence to prove they are true
The other common mistake is having lots of people writing sections, with no-one editing it down in to a cohesive document.

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