Month: July 2010

How To Keep a Micro-Business Satisfied

Rocky Scopelliti says banks are not servicing micro businesses well. The reason is the increasingly mobile workforce expects to interact through multiple channels and have access to an expert on-demand.

Is there too much tech-push in telco land?

Shouldn’t the telecommunications industry be listening more to what customers want and need, instead of relying on the archetypal “build it and they’ll come” mentality?

More Debt. Are We Nuts?

One in five households say their debt levels will increase in coming months. Have consumers lost all sense of reality?

The Robin Hood Bankers Tax

The Robin Hood tax aims to slow the rate of trades and modify a computer-driven movement of money that is distorting financial markets.

Socialise the Enterprise

When it comes to social media companies need to move beyond the experimentation phase and accept that , for it to work you, you need to implement a corporate-wide strategy.

What to Expect When Working in Dubai

The pros and cons of life in Dubai. Sure you can earn lots of money, but is it a good place to go if you’ve got a family in tow?

When to Sack Someone

James Adonis, director of Team Leaders, says sacking should be a last resort, but agrees sometimes it just has to be done.

The NBN’s missing cost-benefit analysis

Has the government failed to provide a cost-benefit analysis for the National Broadband Network because it knows that, if it did, it wouldn’t stack up?

Consensus Politics & How To Apply It

There’s a difference between those who consult and those who pursue political heroics. Nicholas Gruen compares the approach of Bob Hawke with that of Kevin Rudd.

Superannuation Reforms Explained

Meg Heffron talks us through how the introduction of MySuper will reduce fees and ensure people are in control of their investment decisions.

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