Month: August 2010

How Far Should the ABC Go?

A little over a month after the launch of ABC’s 24 hour news channel we ask how far a publicly-funded broadcaster should spread its wings into commercial territory.

Fletcher on the Coalition broadband plan

Broadband policies are emerging as a point of difference between the two major parties ahead of this weekend’s election.

The 5 Principles of Guerrilla Marketing

Jay Conrad Levinson coined the phrase Guerrilla Marketing, but the principles are as sound today as they have always been.

Will Anyone Follow The Leader?

Joseph Daniel McCool says many companies still have no idea who will replace their CEO.

Marketing Lessons From the Grateful Dead

Can businesses really pick up anything from a group of ageing hippies from San Francisco? Well, yes, yes David Meerman Scott.

A broadband compromise is a good thing

Last week the electorate had to choose between two broadband plans. This week, independent MP Rob Oakeshott says it’s not a choice between rock or paper, there can also be scissors.

Defamation: The Beginner’s Guide

Do you blog? Do you know the laws in relation to defamation? If not, there is a danger that you could write or say something that could land you in hot water.

The Dumbed-Down Economics Debate

Ian McAuley discusses how the media has dumbed down economic discussions to the point where the focus is really on minute details of the balance sheet.

Turn Small Talk Into Business Talk

Don Gabor, author of “Turn Small Talk Into Big Deals”, describes how to use networking to good effect. Rule one, don’t rush into business discussions.

Fixing Up Democracy

Richard Denniss says democracy has failed us as both parties have left no time to analyse and debate policies.

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