A Rich Analysis of Twitter

When it comes to political debates the worm has had its day. Twitter gives us a clearer idea about what people think of issues in real-time and it told us that Julia Gillard probably won the (Australian election) debate a week ago, but people where generally underwhelmed by the whole affair.

Jodee Rich, CEO of PeopleBrowsr, says Twitter gives us a far more accurate way of measuring sentiment than traditional techniques — whether it’s an opinion poll or a worm!

The exciting thing, says Rich, is that it will enable us to track history. Your grandchildren will be able to follow history and see what you, and others, thought about events at the time. Meanwhile analysis of Twitter and other social networking sites can help politicians and companies to measure real-time sentiment and respond accordingly.

In this edition of BTalk we discuss the Australian election, attitudes in the US towards Obama and BP resulting from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and other uses of this sort of analysis.

See a Twitter analysis of sentiment to the two major parties at election.ly

First published on CBS News

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