7 Ways To Integrate Email and Social Media

While your company experiments with social media to attract new customers, don’t forget about the power of email.

Internet marketing consultant Jeff Bullas outlines seven ways of ensuring that your social media and email activity work together. In a nutshell, whatever you do, always think about ways of getting people to subscribe to your email list. Even though many of us will find you through Facebook, or follow you on Twitter, that weekly email update could still be your most effective communications channel.

In this BTalk we look at seven ways of integrating email with your social media program:

  • when you blog, tell people about it by email
  • add social media buttons to your email newsletter
  • get people to subscribe to your newsletter on your social media pages
  • at your call centre, ask people if they want to opt-in to social media and email newsletters
  • use space on your newsletter to promote your social media sites
  • make the most out of confirmation emails you send out
  • when people register for a newsletter, ask them about your social media sites too

First published on CBS News

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