5 Reasons Business Needs The NBN

The Australian government is building the National Broadband Network (NBN), promising internet speeds of 100Mbps to 93 percent of Australian premises. The government’s belief is that the economic benefits will outweigh the $43 billion being spent on the project. The opposition coalition government isn’t convinced and has announced it will abandon the project if they gain power.

The arguments for why we need faster internet speeds across the country hasn’t been well made by the government. Its advertising campaigns have been fairly vague.

So, to help understand the benefits that could be provided I asked Paul Brooks from Layer 10 Advisory, who provides network design expertise to telecommunications companies, to come up with five reasons why Aussie businesses need the NBN. Here they are — listen to the podcast for Paul’s explanation of each:

  • Private networks
  • Symmetric links
  • Increased distance
  • QoS
  • New applications and the growth of cloud computing

Paul is the NBN lead consultant at the Communications Alliance.

First published on CBS News

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