Month: September 2010

Microsoft WP7 to revolutionise mobiles?

Microsoft is about to launch its Windows Phone 7. Good luck to them. Devices and content are the only real areas of growth in the mobile industry from here on in.

What Is Crowdsourcing?

Business futurist Morris Miselowski explains the ideas behind crowdsourcing , and how its even being used to build cars!

Despite the Games, India’s Still a Winner

So far the Commonwealth Games has been a public relations disaster for India. Does it reflect the abilities of one of the world’s fastest growing economies?

Website Testing Gives a Sales Kick

Anne Holland, publisher of “Which Test Won?”, says A-B testin gof your website can improve performance of your goals by 20-40 percent. Do you do it?

Thinking in Colour with Mind Maps

Tony Buzan, the inventor of MindMaps, explains why it is important to embrace a pictorial representations of your thoughts.

A Country Too Lucky to Innovate

Is Australia being held back by its laid-back attitude, which isn’t helped by the fact that we’re doing pretty well right now?

NZ Telecom holds for govt’s call

What happens if the New Zealand Government decides Telecom is not the winner of the bid to roll out fibre to the home?

Is Lick and Stick Direct Mail Dead?

Elizabeth Beatty, head of direct marketing agency OgilvyOne, says there’s plenty of life left in the letter, brochure and envelope.

Retail’s Joe66 Factor

 Jon Bird from IdeaWorks, says consumers are now more likely to trust a product review from a stranger online than they are to listen to the advice from a sales person on the shop floor.

What’s the Big Idea?

Yvonne Adele suggests brainstorming solo before getting everyone together for that high-pressure think-tank session.

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