Selling to the Top

Do you ever pitch to the CEO of a company? Sometimes it’s the best approach. Even if you don’t start there your client might need you to help get sponsorship from the top and call you in for a meeting with the company head. So, is selling to a CEO any different to making a pitch to anyone else?

I asked Sam Reese, CEO of sales performance advisors Miller Heiman. He says sometimes it does make sense to go straight to the chief executive, particularly if your approach is seen as helping to execute a company strategy. It can be a dangerous approach though, so proceed with caution.

Sam is co-author of Successful Global Account Management: Key StrategiesTools for Managing Global Accounts and The 7 Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts. In this edition of BTalk he provides lots of great advice about when to approach a CEO and what to say.

First published on CBS News

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