Five Men Spotted in a Supermarket

Here’s a startling piece of news — men do go shopping in supermarkets. Some of these are married men doing the big weekly shop for the family. I do it myself, often with the two kids in the trolley. I actually enjoy it.

Dr Gary Mortimer from Queensland University of Technology says I’m not alone; this is a growing trend that marketers need to be aware of. He reckons supermarkets are still focusing too much on women.

Based on a study of 280 people he has profiled five types of male grocery shoppers:

  • Mr Budget Conscious
  • Mr Convenience
  • Mr Egocentric Shopper
  • Mr Equitable Shopper
  • Mr Controlled Shopper

Click on the player above to hear a description of each. I wonder whether there’s an opportunity for local stores to pick up on some of this market, particularly for the convenience shopper who is less focused on price.

First published on CBS News

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