Do Your Customers Love You?

Draw a matrix with the two axis marked as love and respect. If you can honestly place your brand in the top right-hand corner (strong love and maximum respect) you’ve got yourself a Lovemark.

There are lots of brands we respect, but do we ever buy them? We probably assume other people do but they’re not for us. We simply don’t love them enough. Then there are brands that we love, but because we don’t respect them, the initial passion fizzles out after a short while.

The aim, therefore, is to develop a brand that scores high on both — just as we demand both love and respect from the partners we choose, we want the same thing in the products we buy.

Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi coined the phrase Lovemarks for a book he wrote on the subject in 2005. We discuss the concept in this edition of BTalk including the need for your products to promise intimacy, sensuality and mystery. But can you really offer sensuality if, for example, you’re selling plumbing supplies?

First published on CBS News

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