Why You Shouldn’t Sweat The Small Stuff

I was very sad to discover that Richard Carlson, author of “Don’t sweat the small stuff…“, passed away in December 2006. I had hoped to get him on BTalk to talk through some of the suggestions from the book, which helped me get a lot of perspective on life when it was first published in the ’90s.

Richard’s wife Kristine Carlson continues his good work, however. Her own book “Heart-broken open: a memoir through loss to self discovery” describes how she coped with her sudden loss. And, as you might expect, Kristine has fully embraced the thinking from Richard’s books.

In this edition of BTalk we look at five of my favourites from “Don’t sweat the small stuff…”:

  • make peace with imperfection
  • allow yourself to be bored
  • once a week write a heartfelt letter
  • practice ignoring negative thoughts
  • imagine people in your life as tiny infants and as 100-year-old adults

There are 100 bite-size practical chunks of wisdom in Richard’s book. As Kristine says in today’s BTalk it’s all about living in the moment.

First published on CBS News

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