Six Ways To Beat The Spam Filter

We all love spam filters, except when we discover that a regular email newsletter we send out is getting blocked left, right and centre.

Fortunately, you can improve the chance of getting through to the recipient by following some simple rules. In this edition of BTalk, web designer and internet marketing expert Melissa Norfolk takes us through six ways to beat the filter:

  • be careful how you address your email
  • consider your subject lines carefully
  • avoid capital letters and large fonts
  • avoid spam phrases
  • make sure it’s not too big or small
  • ask recipients to put you on a white list

The other thing to do, of course, is make sure you understand and follow the Spam Act. If you flagrantly breach the act please ignore all of this advice — in fact, do the opposite.

Follow this link for more of Melissa’s advice on avoiding Spam filters.

First published on CBS News

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