Peer Index: Rating Your Online Influence

You might be busy blogging, tweeting and posting, but is it doing any good? If your aim is to promote yourself or your company as an expert in a particular field, how do you know how you rank against others with the same aim?

Peer Index can help. This new online tool looks at what’s happening online to see who are the most active and influential people in a variety of subject areas. It’s an interesting new way of searching for experts in a given field.

With so much stuff online these days, you can Google a subject but not know how credible the author is. The next phase is knowing the influence of who is saying what — and that’s what Peer Index is all about.

In this edition of BTalk, Azeem Azhar, the founder and CEO of Peer Index, talks about the idea behind this new online tool and where it’s heading.

First published on CBS News

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