What’s the Big Idea?

Now more than ever you need to keep coming up with great ideas to keep your business afloat. Those ideas are needed to captivate customers, keep staff enthused or develop more timely ways of getting a product to market. Despite this, companies are often devoid of inspiration or come up with a limited number of half-baked concepts that don’t do anyone any good whatsoever.

So how do you come up with fresh ideas to solve some of the issues your company faces? Yvonne Adele runs workshops to help companies to overcome their creative block and helps them to develop fresh thinking techniques. She suggests some ways of shifting your approach to the issue — including brainstorming solo before getting everyone together for that high-pressure think-tank session.

You’ll love her raffle ticket idea, a novel way to encourage everyone to put forward an idea without worrying about the consequences! Yvonne also talks about her overnight ideas business, Ideas While You Sleep.

First published on CBS News

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