Retail’s Joe66 Factor

 Jon Bird, the CEO of retail marketing consultancy IdeaWorks, says consumers are now more likely to trust a product review from a stranger online (Joe66 for example) than they are to listen to the advice from a sales person on the shop floor.

It’s one of the significant impacts that the Internet is having on how consumers research and shop. Aussie retailers have been slower than many to respond. They face the risk of foreign competitors, who are good at this stuff, coming along and taking some of their market share.

The solution is easy says Jon Bird — Aussie retailers just need to lift their game. That means embracing an integrated approach to online, as well as creating an enhanced experience in-store.

In this podcast we hear about what’s happening overseas, from Tesco’s drive-through supermarkets to Best Buy’s Twelpforce Wiki approach.

First published on CBS News

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