Is Lick and Stick Direct Mail Dead?

Did you know the vast majority of Australians like getting direct mail? Perhaps it’s because we miss it. Marketers have shifted their emphasis to online because EDMs are cheaper and can provide a more immediate response mechanism.

But don’t forget about the old lick and stick style direct mail just yet. Elizabeth Beatty, head of direct marketing agency OgilvyOne, says there’s plenty of life left in the letter, brochure and envelope.

The secret, of course, is to ensure that your approach is pinpointed and integrated into your whole marketing approach. In many circumstances it can have much more cut-through than an electronic message.

So, if Elizabeth is standing up for direct mail now, ut does she think it will last? Well, yes. She says just like video didn’t kill the radio star, the Internet isn’t going to finish off DM. What do you think?

First published on CBS News

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