A Country Too Lucky to Innovate

The Australian economy is one of the best performing economies internationally, thanks largely to the resources boom. But what happens next? The government is often criticised for not investing in the infrastructure to build opportunities beyond mineral extraction, but the issue could be broader than that. Is Australia being held back by its laid-back attitude, which isn’t helped by the fact that we’re doing pretty well right now?

Martin Duursma, Vice President of Citrix Labs at Citrix, reckons the “she’ll be right” attitude is holding back innovation in this country. We don’t see the need to stick our neck out when we have such a comfortable lifestyle. The problem is compounded when, if we are successful, we become the subject of the tall poppy syndrome. Not surprisingly he suggests we need a cultural shift to enable great ideas to flourish.

Maybe he’s right. Perhaps the biggest problem for Australia is that it’s too much of a lucky country. What do you think?

First published on CBS News

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