Microsoft WP7 to revolutionise mobiles?


Microsoft is about to launch its Windows Phone 7. Good luck to them. Devices and content are the only real areas of growth in the mobile industry from here on in.

Windows Phone 7

Microsoft says its new operating system will revolutionise how we use our smartphones. Could it really be the iPhone killer? On this week’s Twisted Wire, Microsoft’s Evan Williams explains why the Windows Phone 7 is so different. One advantage for those with a failing eyesight is that the text is bigger — that should win over the 40+ market straight away.

The mobile market continues to present opportunities for anyone selling devices or offering content and applications. It’s a less rosy future for the network providers. Steven Hartley, Ovum’s principal analyst, says the industry is split between those who are SMART (services, management, applications, relationships and technology) and those who are LEAN (low-cost enablers of agnostic networks). The danger is, some companies could be focusing on being SMART, when their focus should really be on cutting costs and accepting their role in this new world order.

There’s also a little commentary on the program about Stephen Conroy’s remark on Q&A this week that new devices like the iPad make the need for a mandatory internet filter more important than ever. Has he got a point?

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