Month: October 2010

The Business Guide to Geotagging

Morris Miselowski predicts the future direction of geographic apps that have become commonplace on our smartphones.

4 Ways to Remain Solvent This Christmas

Many businesses run out of cash during the Christmas period, particularly in Australia. Michael Fingland provides ways to keep your business afloat.

Free broadband will help the NBN’s case

Some of the major benefits to society from a ubiquitous broadband network will come from government services, including health and education. That means access to these services needs to be free, so everyone is able to make use of the channel, displacing other, more costly, ways of interacting.

Are You Too Confident For Your Company’s Good?

Professor Karen Jehn from Melbourne Business School says overconfident people can create rifts in workgroups that, without them, would effectively work together on common goals.

4 Things Your POS System Should Do

Does your point-of-sale (POS) system know what the weather will be like today? If not, maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

On the Verge of Information Rage

Around the world workers are getting enraged by an overload of data — and Australia has it worse that most.

Positive Discrimination Gives Women a Fair Go

Is it right that a workplace can run job advertisements asking only for women recruits? Isn’t this an example of gender discrimination?

Buying a Business, People and All

Buying a business is more than looking at the figures. Tony Arena says you have to look at who is running the business.

Broadband tales from the bush

Are folks in regional Australia really suffering from a dilapidated infrastructure controlled by an uncaring monopoly?

I’m Not Coming in Today

Aussies are spending more and more time away from the workplace – 15 percent spend 13 weeks a year outside their usual place of employment.

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