On the Verge of Information Rage

Around the world workers are getting enraged by an overload of data — and Australia has it worse that most.

LexisNexis surveyed 1,700 white collar workers in Australia, the US, China, South Africa and UK and found we’re getting swamped with too much information. Almost half of Australian workers are feeling demoralised from data overload, with 51 percent reporting they would soon reach a “breaking point” where they can’t handle any more if the level of information they receive continues to increase.

In this edition of BTalk Marc Peter, Director of Technology and Business Development at LexisNexis provides advice on coping with the increasing influx of data. As you’ll hear training is part of the issue, but the research shows that while six in ten workers desire information management training, only 22 percent actually having access to it in their company.

First published on CBS News

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