Month: November 2010

Kiss Goodbye to the Marketing Funnel

Steven Noble suggests the sales process is an ongoing cycle of discovering, exploring, buying and engaging.

How to Write a Social Media Plan

your social media plan needs to consider three crucial activities: Listen, Engage, Influence

A Dose of Virtual Reality

Morris Miselowski talks about how virtual worlds can actually be useful for business.

Online Sales Jump Is Not All Imports

The latest Forrester Research, commissioned by PayPal, shows that local retailers are not losing out. While imports are up domestic Internet sales have increased too.

The killer app for the NBN: voice

There’s been a multitude of wild ideas about how the NBN will change our lives — but one big difference will be in how we make phone calls.

Simplicity Drives Fast Technology Growth

James Spencely grew a company by keeping things simple, servicing customers well and avoiding employing people who are empire builders.

Britain and Ireland: Destitute, But Are They Happy?

The UK government is to introduce a well-being survey. Oliver Hartwich argues the the strength of the economy will tell you how happy people are.

What’s Canada Got that Australia Hasn’t?

In the latest annual Country Brand Index, compiled by FutureBrand in conjunction with the BBC World News, Australia ranked second, with Canada in the lead.

Is There a Business Gene?

Research from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has shown that running a business might be in the blood.

Aussies Snub Technology for In-Person Meetings

New research from Citrix Online shows that Australians are more reluctant than most to engage in online meetings.

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