Ad Exchanges: Another Nail in the Print Coffin

Obviously there’s a slight self interest in this episode of BTalk — the way online advertising is bought and sold has just got a bit smarter, thanks to the introduction of Ad Exchanges. These are places that gather information about people using a wide variety of sites across the Internet, to develop a profile that can be used to effectively target advertising. The advertisers then bid to reach these users based on very specific criteria.

Some publishers have been offering a version of this, but the range of information is limited to what’s gathered on their own properties — Ad Exchanges extend the boundaries helping to gather a far richer set of data.

Brandscreen, an Aussie company, has developed the software to enable several of these exchanges. In this edition of BTalk I ask Julian Tol, CEO of Brandscreen, to explain more about how it all works.

First published on CBS News

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