Waiting For a Fast Train

There’s a romanticism to rail travel that originated in the steam age but seems to have surveyed through to present day. That’s unless you’re sitting on one of Australia’s slow inter-city trains, crawling along at 50 km/hr or less.

The Australian government has announced a $20 million feasibility study to investigate the potential for a high speed rail network from Brisbane to Melbourne, via Sydney and Canberra.

In this edition of BTalk David George, CEO of the CRC for Rail Innovation, talks up the benefits that fast rains could provide for the Australian economy. He says the proliferation of high speed networks in China will reduce the cost of rolling out such a network here.

It sounds like a great idea, but Australia doesn’t have a great track record (sorry for the pun) in building new rail infrastructure. Politicians in NSW have been promising new rail links out to Sydney’s west for years, so it’s understandable if we’re all a bit sceptical.

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